Team Fundraising Redefined

November’s winning number:  #1005214


Sport Split is a monthly 50/50 raffle to help teams, clubs, and organizations raise funds.

Sport Split is owned and operated by Sport Nova Scotia and 80 percent of all funds raised are retained by the participating community teams and clubs for expenses such as travel, equipment, venues, and coaching.  The remaining proceeds support Sport Nova Scotia in the delivery of programs like Sport Fund, Parasport and KidSport.  Register your team at

How it works

Sport Split is available year-round with a new draw taking place each month. Sales from all teams and clubs combine together into one massive monthly pot!

Step 1
Register your team below!

Step 2
Receive an
e-mail with a custom website link to your team’s purchase portal.

Step 3
Start selling! Promote the raffle using your team’s unique website link. ALL tickets sold through your purchase portal directly benefit your team!

Step 4
Receive your cheque or funds transfer directly

from Sport Nova Scotia.

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